We have been busy bees over the winter doing various refurbishments, some of which were necessary, like a new flat roof on the kitchen in which we have also included a roof light .. which apart from giving us more light in the kitchen will be a godsend in the summer when Daryl is cooking breakfast.  It can sometimes get up to 100 degrees during a busy breakfast service in the height of summer but with the roof light open we are hoping that all that hot air from the cooking and the chef (lol) will be released and the kitchen and chef can keep their cool.

We had a large tree in the front garden which had become very overgrown removed last autumn, this led to us realising that the paving slabs on the patio were lifted because of the roots and as a result we have now had the whole garden landscaped and repaved.  A new fence with trellis put in and we are gradually putting new shrubs and flowers in all the borders and created a nice rockery too … really pleased with the results.

New Patio Area


Inside we have also glossed from to to bottom, as is the norm and also completely redecorated a couple of the rooms – Room 4 our family room which looks really fresh and bright now and Room 8 our kingsize bedded room on the top floor has also had a full makeover.

Room 4 Wooded View Double/Twin/Family 2nd Floor

Room 4 Wooded View Double/Twin/Family 2nd Floor

Room 8 Kingsize Sea View Top Floor

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